Public Radiation Safety Research Program

North American Technical Center
Prepared for Scientific Studies in North America, Europe, Asia, and UNSCEAR

By School of Health Sciences, Purdue University and
Host Utility: Cook Nuclear Plant, Radiation Protection Department, American Electric Power

Last Updated:  02.06.2007

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The NATC Public Radiation Safety Research Program provides historic and current environmental information on nuclear power public safety.  Radiological environmental monitoring, radioactive waste generation and radioactive effluent releasing are examples of current research areas.  The U.S. effluent database is the official U.S. database provided to the United Nations (UNSCEAR) for their global report on radiation dose to man.  The databases serve North American electric utilities, European nuclear utilities and international agencies.  U.S. regulatory agencies served include U.S. NRC, U.S. DOE, and U.S. EPA.

The NATC Public Radiation Safety Research Program also serves as the home for the RETS-REMP workshop website.


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