North American Technical Center

Information System on Occupational Exposure

The ISOE program provides nuclear power plants worldwide with an electronic network for the exchange of occupational experience in the area of occupational exposure management and the implementation of the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle. Currently 430 reactor units from 27 countries participate in the program. The database represents approximately 3700 reactor years of ALARA experience.

The NATC ISOE program scope concentrates on the documentation and exchange of experience and lessons learned among Radiation Protection Managers and experts globally. The documentation of dose reduction successes include the publication of the ISOE annual report, radiological work management guidelines, ISOE information sheets and plant reports on best work practices.

The ISOE program is administered by four technical centers located in Illinois, Paris, Tokyo, and Vienna. Each technical center maintains a web site with current information available to ISOE participating utilities and regulatory agencies. NATC staff prepares a monthly update on North American activities as shown below.