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Nuclear Utility Meteorological Data Users Group 

1)      Name

a.  The name of the group is the Nuclear Utility meteorological Data Users Group (NUMUG)

2)      Mission and Objectives

a.   To provide a forum to address problems and exchange ideas for those collecting and utilizing meteorological data at nuclear facilities.

3)      Membership

a.   Membership is open to any individual interested in pursuing the mission and objectives of the group.  Individuals interested in membership should inform a member of the Steering Committee who will add their name to the membership roster.

4)      Steering Committee

a.   The management of the group is vested in the Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee shall consist of five members, with at least three members representing US electric utilities.

b.   The Chair of the Steering Committee shall be selected from, and represent a consensus vote of the Steering Committee members after each group meeting.

c.   A term on the Steering Committee is defined as the period of time between meetings.  Steering Committee members should not serve more than two consecutive terms.

d.   New members of the Steering Committee are to be chosen from membership volunteers by the existing Steering Committee prior to group meetings.

e. Responsibilities of the Steering Committee include:

      ▪           Support the “Mission and Objectives” of NUMUG
      ▪           Solicit industry-wide representation and participation.
      ▪           Maintain and distribute a Membership Roster.
      ▪           Solicit suggestions for group activities and support implementation of NUMUG activities.
      ▪           Keep membership informed of group activities via NUMUG server, e-mail, regular mail and group meetings.
      ▪           Plan and publicize group meetings.
      ▪           Maintain a financial record of NUMUG, in support of its tax-exempt status.
      ▪           Update IRS records with revisions to NUMUG’s Charter.
      ▪           Select a Treasurer from NUMUG membership to handle NUMUG funds, any bank account(s) and financial record keeping.

f.    The Treasurer shall serve for 3 terms, where a term is defined as the period between group meetings.  If the Office of Treasurer becomes vacant, the Steering Committee shall appoint a new Treasurer for a period of 3 terms.

5)      Finances

a.   No dues shall be collected by the group and the group shall accumulate minimal assets.  It is expected that group members and their sponsoring organizations will voluntarily contribute the time and resources required to manage group activities between group meetings.

b.   Registration fees can be charged for attendance at group meetings to offset costs associated with implementing group meetings.

c.   Vendors or utilities may provide assets to help offset costs associated with implementing group meetings.  Any sponsorship may be noted in the program for the group meetings.  Sponsorship does not imply any endorsement by NUMUG of sponsor’s products or services.

d.  Upon dissolution of NUMUG, the remaining assets will be distributed to a charitable organization, to be selected by the Steering Committee.

6)      Meetings

a.   Group meetings shall be held every one to two years. The location and agenda of group meetings are to be determined by the Steering Committee.

7)      Amendments to the Charter

a.   Amendments to this charter can be proposed by any member in attendance at any group meeting.  Amendments can be approved by a consensus vote of the members in attendance.

8)          Ethics

a.   The Membership Roster and NUMUG server are not to be used for directly commercial purposes such as widespread distribution of marketing information via the Server or selling or re-distributing Membership Rosters or dissemination of political or religious opinions.


NUMUG Steering Committee Members


Ed McCarthy, NUMUG Chairman
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
3400 Crow Canyon Road
San Ramon, CA  94583
(925) 866-5956

Dennis Recla
Met One Instruments, Inc
1600 Washington Blvd.
Grants Pass, OR  97526
(541) 471-7111

Mark Abrams
ABS Consulting, Inc.
4 Research Place, Ste. 200A
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 907-9100

Jim Holian
20201 Century Blvd.
Germantown, MD 20874
(301) 353-8352

Ms. Jennifer M. Call
Tennessee Valley Authority
P.O. Box 1010 CTR 1P
Muscle Shoals, AL 35662-1010
(256) 386-3435




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