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2nd NUMUG Meeting, Boston, MA, April 28-30

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Topic Abstract Paper
(or Notes)
Meteorological Monitoring System Survey, Stanley Marsh and Carlo Rozzi     PDF
Experience in Implementing a 10M Backup Meteorological Tower, R. Brad Harvey and Theodore A. Messier   PDF  
A Study of Accuracy and Precision of Wind Measurements, Thomas J. Lockhart   PDF  
Relationship between Maintenance and Calibration Activities and Meteorological Data Processing at Nuclear Facilities, Stanley J. Krivo   PDF  
QA/QC of Meteorological Monitoring - A Case Study, Dr. Kolli M. Rao   PDF  
Identification and Implications of a Local Temperature Anomaly, Kenneth G. Wastrack and Norris A. Nielsen   PDF  
Brookhaven National Laboratory's Technical Assistance to the NRC for "Radioactive Materials Released for Nuclear Power Plants", Dr. Herbert J. Bernstein   PDF  
Experience with a Wind Profiler at a Coastal Site, Thomas A. Galletta, Richard E. Woolley, and Christopher D. Bedford   PDF  
Impact of Hurricane Andrew on the Turkey Point Meteorological Monitoring System, Daniel R. Adams   PDF


Weathering the Storm of Catastrophe Litigation for the Electric Utility Industry:  Some Thoughts on Meteorological Information Management, Phillip D. Falconer   PDF PDF

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