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3rd NUMUG Meeting, Charlotte, NC, October 19-21

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Topic Abstract Paper
(or Notes)
Status Update on ANS/ANSI 2.5 Revision Stan Marsh     PDF
Meteorological Aspects of Emergency Action Level Schemes:  NUREG 0654 versus NUMARC-007, Brad Harvey   PDF  
Wind Tunnel Performance Study of Met One (Teledyne Geotech) Model 1585 and Model 1564B Cup Anemometer, Matthew J. Parker   PDF  
A Portable Weather Monitoring System for Mobile Emergency Response Applications, David I. Katz   PDF  
A Standard for Auditing of Meteorological Monitoring Systems, Jim Holian   PDF  
Meteorological Monitoring Design and Operations at the Savannah River Site, Matthew J. Parker   PDF  
Climatology of Quarterly Meteorological Data and Implications for Instrumentation and Dose Assessment, Doyle Pittman   PDF  
Incorporating Uncertainty into Dispersion Calculations, Larry L. Gautney   PDF  
Emergency Preparedness and Response:  A Meteorological Perspective, Paul E. Schwatz and Steven Pfaff   PDF


The Role of the LLNL Atmospheric Release Advisory Capability in a FRMAC Response to a Nuclear Power Plant Incident, T. J. Sullivan, J. S. Ellis, R. Baskett, and C. S. Foster   PDF  
A Prototype Operational Mesoscale Air Dispersion Forecasting System Using RAMS and HYPACT, Walter A. Lyons and Craig J. Tremback   PDF  
Using Statistical Control Charts in Support of a Meteorological Quality Assurance Program, Paul E. Schwartz   PDF  
Software Quality Assurance at TVA, Kenneth G. Wastrack   PDF  
PGEMS - An Atmospheric Dispersion Model for Emergency Response, K. Jerry Allwine   PDF  

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