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5th NUMUG Meeting, South Bend, IN, October 8-10

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NUMUG Charter (PDF)


Topic Abstract Paper
(or Notes)
ANSI/ANS-2.5/3.11 Revision Status Report, Stan Marsh     PDF
What is DMCC, Darryl Randerson     PDF
(cover only)
Streamlining the Meteorological Monitoring Process, Doyle Pittman   PDF  
SAMS II - Surface Automated Meteorological System II (DOD site Salt Lake City, UT), Rich Woolley PDF    
Integrated Data Acquisition Systems for Real Time Meteorological Monitoring, Ron Webb PDF PDF  
New Technologies for Meteorological Measurements and Particle Counting, Tom Pottberg     PDF
(cover only)
A Technique for Examining Tower Guy Wire Anchor Rods, Matt Parker PDF    
Precipitation Estimates using NEXRAD during Bertha and Fran, Mark Carroll PDF    
Comparison of In-situ Data from the Handar Sonic and Met One Cup and Vane System, Frank Gouveia   PDF


Visualizing the Effect of the Coriolis and Frictional Forces Along a Coastline in Doppler Sodar Data, Tom Bellinger   PDF  
MiniSODAR:  High Resolution Wind Profiling, Ken Underwood   PDF  
A State-of-the-Art Meteorological Monitoring Upgrade at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant, Jim Holian   PDF  
Sharing Meteorological Resources with the Local Community at the DOE's Savannah River Site, Charles Hunter   PDF  
Digital Recorders - A World Without Charts, Mark Carroll PDF    
Nuclear Utility Meteorological Data Users Group Meteorological Monitoring System Survey, Ken Wastrack   PDF  
Consequence Assessment Models, Atmospheric Monitoring Equipment, and Atmospheric Projects Directory, Carl Mazzola     PDF
An Evaluation of Current Mesoscale Modeling Capabilities Applied to Problems Impacting the Nuclear Power Industry, Glenn Van Knowe   PDF  
Examples of High Resolution Data Produced by a 3-D Mesoscale Atmospheric Model, John Zack   PDF  
Comprehensive Modeling System for Atmospheric Transport and Diffusion, Danny Lu   PDF  
Performance Comparison of PGEMS & Midas Models Using Data from the DCPP Gas Tracer Experiments, Gene Shelar   PDF  

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