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7th NUMUG Meeting, Las Vegas, NV, October 18-20

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Topic Abstract Paper Presentation
ANSI/ANS-3.11, "A New American National Standard for Determining Meteorological Information at Nuclear Facilities", Stanley Marsh   PDF  
Recent Developments in Remote Sensing, David Katz PDF    
Evaluation of Sonic Anemometers, Ken Wastrack   PDF PowerPoint
Wind Tunnel Testing and Field Experiences with Met One 50.5 Sonic, Matt Parker   PDF  
A New High Accuracy Meteorological Thermohygrometer for Field Measurements and Ambient Air and Dew Point Temperatures, William Stein   PDF  
Millstone Station Meteorological Monitoring Program Manual, Brad Harvey PDF PDF  
Essential Factors to be Considered in Nuclear Power Application, Ping Wan   PDF  
Plume Simulation Using GPS, Paul Holland   PDF  
New Systems for Meteorological Data Display, Atmospheric  Dispersion Modeling, and Dose Assessment, Cliff Glantz   PDF  
The NRC's Revised Performance Based Inspection, Assessment and Enforcement Program, Bob Yewdall   PDF  
A New Probabilistic Hurricane Forecasting Service, Randy McNeely PDF    
NUMUG Meteorological Data Base History and Future, Ken Wastrack   PDF PowerPoint
Control Room Habitability Issue, Brad Harvey   PDF  

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