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8th NUMUG Meeting, St. Charles, IL, May 8-10

Agenda (PDF)
Charter (PDF)

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Topic Abstract Paper Presentation
Listening to the Wind: TVA Experience with Installation and Operation of Ultrasonic Wind Sensors, Kenneth G. Wastrack PDF PDF PowerPoint
A New Fiber Optic-based Approach to Meteorological Instrumentation, Matt Parker     PowerPoint
Perry Meteorological System Upgrade, Jim Holian, Jamie Balstad PDF PDF PowerPoint
Tower Anchor Rod Examinations, Matt Parker     PowerPoint
The Impact of Nearby Structures and Trees on Sigma Theta Measurements, Tom Bellinger   PDF PowerPoint
Video of Susquehanna and Zion Wind Tunnel Studies, Tom Bellinger     Video Files (ZIP)
Recent Developments Regarding NRC Guidance on Control Room Habitability Assessment, R. Brad Harvey   PDF PowerPoint
Good Science Vs. Uncertain Regulatory Guidance on How Chi/Q Affects Nuclear Safety, Ken Evans PDF PDF PowerPoint
A Comparison of ARCON96 Vs Murphy & Campe Including Case Study Results, Steven Vigeant, Carl Mazzola   PDF PowerPoint
NUMUG List server     PowerPoint
ANSI 3.11 Update, Stan Marsh     PowerPoint
Use of Probabilistic Weather Forecasts by Utilities, Mark Carroll   PDF PowerPoint
Oceanographic Forecasting and Monitoring as an Aid to Nuclear Power Production, John Lindsey   PDF PowerPoint
Enhancing the Quality, Validity and Recovery of Meteorological Data at Nuclear Plants Through the Use of Digital Recorders, Mark Carroll   PDF PowerPoint
Meteorological Monitoring System Upgrade Beyond Y2K, Tom Galletta   PDF PowerPoint
New Technologies for Storage and Display of Meteorological Data, Dale Paynter     PowerPoint 1
PowerPoint 2
Meteorological Information Needs for an Early Site Permit Application, Ping Wan   PDF PowerPoint
Yucca Mountain Update, Paul Fransioli     PowerPoint
RETS/REMP Program, Bob Yewdall   PDF PowerPoint

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