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9th NUMUG Meeting, Chattanooga, TN, October 8-10

Full Program (Zip/PDF, 35MB)


Topic Paper Presentation
Replacing a Dial-Up Weather System with a Web-based Weather Page, Tom Bellinger   PowerPoint
Additional Files (ZIP, 35MB)
Annual Meteorological Monitoring Tower Inspections:  Maintaining Safety and Exposure to Wind, Mark T. Carroll, Thomas J. Begley, Daniel R. Davidson, Andrew J. Lotz PDF PowerPoint
Yucca Mountain Update, Paul Fransioli   PowerPoint
Using ARCON96 for Control Room Radiological Habitability Assessments, R. Brad Harvey, Steve LaVie, and Leta Brown PDF PowerPoint
Waterford 3 Meteorological Monitoring Program Assessment, Gregory Hood PDF PowerPoint
A Real-Time Meteorological Analysis and Dispersion Prediction System for Emergency Preparedness, Alfred M. Klausmann, William Groot, Mahesh Phadnis, and Joseph S. Scire PDF  
ANSI/ANS-3.11(2000): Determining Meteorological Information at Nuclear Facilities Update, Stanley L. Marsh and Carl Mazzola   PowerPoint
Design Wet Bulb Temperature for Ultimate Heat Sink Spray Pond For Advanced Light Water Reactors, Norris Nielsen   PDF
Overview of the AMS CCM Program and the National Council of Industrial Meteorologists, Matthew J. Parker   PowerPoint
Calculation and Re-Calculation of 60-Minute Sigma Theta and Stability, Dale Paynter PDF PowerPoint
Update from American Meteorological Society Ad Hoc Committee on Private and Public Weather Services, Doyle Pittman   PowerPoint
Tracing Air Parcel Trajectories Using No-Lift-Balloons: A Brief Report Including a Light Wind Flight Over Complex Terrain During MAP 99 IOP, Benjamin Terliuc, Bruno Benech, Heinz Berger PDF  
Wind Speed Interference From Callaway's Aviation Beacon, Tim Waldron and Kip Barbour   PowerPoint
Consideration of Micrometeorological Trends Associated with WIPP Meteorological Data, Stephen A. Vigeant, Carl A. Mazzola, H. Wesley Nance   PowerPoint
Permitting Challenges for the New Generation of Nuclear Power Plants, Ping Wan PDF PowerPoint
Evaluating Meteorological Monitoring Sites using Sigma-Theta, Kenneth G. Wastrack and Doyle E. Pittman PDF PowerPoint
Atmospheric Stability: Methods & Measurements, Robert F. Yewdall   PowerPoint
Meteorological Monitoring: Supporting Maintenance Activities, Robert F. Yewdall   PowerPoint

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