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13th NUMUG Meeting, San Francisco, CA, October 21-23

Agenda (PDF)


Topic Abstract Paper Presentation
New Reactor Licensing Activities, Brad Harvey PowerPoint
Introduction to Headquarters Operations Center and RASCAL, Kevin Quinlan PowerPoint
Lessons Learned from Establishing Design-and Operating- Basis Meteorological Conditions for Preparing Permit Applications of New Nuclear Power Plants in the United States, Ping Wan   PowerPoint
Some Thoughts about Meteorological Monitoring Reviews, Matt Parker, Carl Mazzola, Walter Schalk PowerPoint
Comparison of the AEOLUS3 Atmospheric Dispersion Computer Code with NRC Codes PAVAN and XOQDOQ, Ted Messier pdf PowerPoint
The Y-12 Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Project, Tom Bellinger pdf PowerPoint
Various Methodologies for Calculating the Impacts on Delta-T from Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations (ISIFI), Jim Holian, Steve Mirsky PowerPoint
New and Improved Meteorological Data Archives, Kenneth G. Wastrack, Jennifer M. Call, Sherea Burns PowerPoint
The Potential Impact of Wind Turbines on Nearby Meteorological Monitoring Sites, Mark T. Carroll pdf PowerPoint
Dispersion and Deposition Estimation Issues, Clay Madden PowerPoint
Meteorological Program Self Assessment, Clay Madden PowerPoint
A Short History of Everything NUMUG, Doyle Pittman pdf
An Insider's Perspective on the NRC's New Cyber Security Rule and Forthcoming Regulatory Guidance: Potential Impacts on Meteorology and Emergency Preparedness Programs, Cliff Glantz PowerPoint
Taking on the Ten Times Rule - Where Did it Come From?  Is it Really Valid?, T. Edward Fenstermacher, Mark J. Adams PowerPoint

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