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Containment Release Criteria

John W. Doroski

Dominion Nuclear Connecticut / Millstone Station




To provide updated and comprehensive program for ensuring proper control of radioactive releases from primary containments for Millstone Units 2 and 3. This program provides:

criteria for sampling that may be additional to the requirements of the REMODCM
criteria for decisions on release paths and filtration necessary to maintain doses ALARA
accounting requirements for the annual effluent report
This document only addresses containment releases during normal operation, not post LOCA. This document also does not address containment releases that may be released via the equipment hatch when it is open.


Several station references provide guidance on containment discharges; some of this guidance is outdated (e.g., Revision 21 of the REMODCM includes changes in some of the bases for this criteria). Furthermore, review of the data for the last several years indicates that the majority of the iodine and particulate effluents (and resulting public dose consequences) are released from the containment during refueling outages. Also, per a recent INPO assist visit, more control is needed.


A. General Discussion:

The control and accounting of airborne radioactivity releases from the containment can be complicated. This document will define:

when a containment release is considered a batch release and when it is continuous
when the sampling requirements of the REMODCM apply
when pre-release samples are required
criteria for selection of release path (filtered or unfiltered)
criteria for use of portable filtration units
distinctions between vents and purges and the controls required for each (and MP3 drawdowns)
criteria for not allowing a release since REMODCM dose rate or dose limits may be exceeded
when and how to avoid double accounting of the curies released
criteria for re-sampling once a release is in progress
calculating the activity released and avoiding over-conservative estimates


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