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Coolant Activity Limits and Survey Results on PI for RCS I-131

This issue began with questions about the purpose and intended goals of the Barrier Integrity Indicator for the NEI 99-02 Performance Indicators. With the implementation of Improved Tech Specs (NUREG 1431) and some required re-writes to the E-bar definition, we felt that the Dose Equivalent Iodine question for the PI may be just a tip-of-the-iceburg problem. Inquiries have led to more questions re: the use of 100/E-bar as well as Dose Equivalent Iodine calculations, before the PI is generated. We circulated a survey covering how RCS DEI is measured and another more recent one involving the definition of E-bar with relation to RCS activity limits. I will be discussing the survey results by plant type only, and identifying further ambiguity and questions regarding the generation and use of RCS E-bar.


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