2014 RETS-REMP & Groundwater Workshop, June 23-27, 2014, Westin Savannah, Savannah, GA
Sponsored by Nuclear Energy Institute


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Liquid Scintillation Counting as Multi-nuclide Screening Method Evgeny Taskaev PowerPoint
Regulatory Ramblings Stephen Klementowicz PowerPoint
Effluent Releases: ANI Update William Wendland PowerPoint
Characterization of Groundwater Contamination at Yankee Nuclear Power Station Dave Scott PowerPoint
Ground and Storm Water at IPEC Steve Sandike PowerPoint
Implications of Tritium Dose Conversion Factors in Deriving Regulatory Limits for Drinking Water and Effluent Compliance Ken Sejkora PowerPoint
Atmospheric Sources of Tritium and Potential Implications to Surface and Groundwater Monitoring Efforts Ken Sejkora PowerPoint
Pickering Nuclear Tritium in Groundwater Ed McGurk PowerPoint
Overview of the EPRI Groundwater Assessment Program Eric Darois PowerPoint
A Study on the Tritium Distribution Characteristics in the Environment Hee Geun Kim PowerPoint
The Potential Importance of HTD Nuclides John Doroski PowerPoint
2006 Nuclear Utility REMP Conference Isotopes of Concern Bob Wills PowerPoint
Regulatory History and Application for Next Generation Power Reactor Licensing J. Stewart Bland PowerPoint
STP has a Different Meaning to Different People Frank Gavila PowerPoint
REMP Ramblings Jim Key PowerPoint
North American Technical Center Public Radiation Safety Research Program REMP Study Jason Harris PowerPoint
Comparison of Analog vs. Advance Technology Air Sampling System Designs to Facilitate Correction of Measured or Calculated Volumes to a Set of Reference Temperature and Pressure Conditions Frank Gavila PowerPoint
Modeling Atmospheric Releases of Molecular Tritium Jim Key PowerPoint
American National Standards for Determining Meteorological Information at Nuclear Facilities R. Brad Harvey PowerPoint
Robinson Dry Fuel Storage Direct Dose Experience Ray Crandall PowerPoint
Operational Experiences and Occupational Dose Assessment of the Radioactivity Release Event at YG NPP Unit 5 Hee Geun Kim PowerPoint
Fe-55 and Te-125m in Liquid Waste Richard Conatser PowerPoint
Analysis on the Potential Implications of a Terrorist Attack at US Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facilities Derek Favret PowerPoint
A Historical Survey of Radiochemistry Laboratory Audit Findings Bob Shannon PowerPoint
NEI/NIST Measurements Assurance Program Felix Killar PowerPoint
The Changing Faces in Effluent and Environmental Monitoring Douglas Wahl PowerPoint


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