2014 RETS-REMP & Groundwater Workshop, June 23-27, 2014, Westin Savannah, Savannah, GA
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Radiological Impact of Commercial Nuclear Power Plant Releases: A 12-Year Study Jason Harris Powerpoint
Application Update of ANI Guideline 07-01: Potential for Unmonitored & Unplanned Off-Site Releases of Radioactive Material Bill Wendland Powerpoint
Groundwater Protection Initiative and Other Issues of Interest George Oliver Poweroint
Indian Point Energy Center Groundwater Investigation Steve Sandike Powerpoint
PWR Tritium Issues Greg Jones Powerpoint
NRC Assessment: Indian Point Contaminated Groundwater Jim Noggle Graphics Only
Presentation Only
Both Graphics and Presentation
Groundwater Protection Project Ed Sullivan & Greg Robinson Powerpoint
Impact of Utility GPI Activities on a State REMP Program Dale Dusenbury Powerpoint
Brunswick Nuclear Plant Storm Drain Stabilization Pond Tritium Issues Mike Millinor Presentation
Brunswick Nuclear Plant Storm Drain Stabilization Pond Groundwater Investigation and Remedial Evaluation Bryan Sladky Presentation
A Comprehensive Computer Application for Managing Sample Planning, Electronic Data Manipulation and Data Validation and Verification in Support of the MARLAP Principles Eric Darois Powerpoint
Dose Projection Uncertainties Ray Crandall Powerpoint
Direct Dose Determination Methodology for 40CFR190 Compliance Claude Flory Powerpoint
Outdoor Tanks - Potential Issues John Doroski Powerpoint
Impact of License Extension on Radionuclide Buildup Assumptions Ken Sejkora Powerpoint
Innovations in Gamma Spectroscopy Software - or - "More reasons why we should appreciate Mathematics Teachers" Frazier Bronson Powerpoint
Dose Equivalent Xenon replaces 100/E-bar Steve Sandike Powerpoint
Update: Te-125m in Liquid Waste Greg Jones & Richard Conatser Powerpoint
Mitigation Dust Loading REMP Air Samplers Noel Hansen Powerpoint
Analytical Challenges with Tritium and the New NEI/ANI Guidelines Steve Sandike Powerpoint
Preservations of Samples for RETS, REMP and RW Bob Litman Powerpoint
Optimizing Radiochemistry Lab Performance in Decommissioning Dave Montt Powerpoint


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