2014 RETS-REMP & Groundwater Workshop, June 23-27, 2014, Westin Savannah, Savannah, GA
Sponsored by Nuclear Energy Institute


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Regulatory Insights Richard Conatser, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission PDF
Radioactive Effluents and Environmental Protection 2010 Kathleen Yhip, NEI PDF
Naturally-occuring Carbon-14 and Implications to Power Plant Dose Assessment Ken Sejkora, Entergy Nuclear Northeast - Pilgrim Station PDF
C-14 -- A Historical Perspective Jim Key, Key Solutions, Inc. PDF
Estimation of Carbon-14 in Nuclear Power Plant Gaseous Effluents Karen Kim, EPRI
G. F. Palino & H. R. Helmholz, NWT Corporation
Sample and Analysis Protocol for C-14 in Gaseous Effluents Jim Holtzclaw, The GEL Group PDF
Analytical Results of Field Measurements for C-14 in Gaseous Effluents from Nuclear Power Plants Mike Nichols, Joe Bates, Robert Litman, ChemStaf
James Westmoreland, James Holtzclaw, Robert Wills, The GEL Group
DCPP C-14 Gaseous Sampling conducted April 26-28, 2010 PDF
Pilot Program for C-14 Sampling at Diablo Canyon Power Plant John Knemeyer, Marty Wright, Dave Cortina, PG&E - DIablo Canyon PDF
Pilot Program for C-14 Sampling at V. C. Summer Nuclear Station Mike Roberts, SCE&G PDF
The Impact of Carbon-14 on Limerick's Gaseous Effluent Dose Model Douglas Wahl, Exelon - Limerick Generating Station PDF
C-14 Studies at Indian Point and Application in Reg Guide 1.21 reports (1982-2010) Steve Sandike, IPEC PDF
Comparison of Regulatory Guide 1.109 and ICRP-72 Carbon-14 Dose Conversion Factors Ken Sejkora, Entergy Nuclear Northeast - Pilgrim Station PDF
Application of a Simplified Carbon-14 Gaseous Effluent Dose Screening Spreadsheet Ken Sejkora, Entergy Nuclear Northeast - Pilgrim Station PDF,
Dispersion and Deposition Estimation Issues Clay Madden, Columbia NPS PDF
C-14 Environmental Pathways to Man Jim Key, Key Solutions, Inc. PDF
Water Footprints for the Nuclear Industry Wesley Hawthorne, Locus Tech PDF
REMP Direct Radiation Programs Michael Lantz, Rosbar Enterprises PDF
Liquid Scintillation counting of H-3 and C-14 Evgeny Taskaev, Eckert & Ziegler Analytics PDF
Radioactive Contamination found in Construction Excavation Greg Jones, Ginna NPS PDF
2010 RadBench Liquid Data Update Lisa Edwards, EPRI PDF
Isotope separation methods for real-time monitoring of Tritium, C-14, and other radioactive effluents Bob Goldstein, Overhoff Group PDF
Real Time Monitoring and Data Management for Tritium and Carbon-14 at Nuclear Facilities Neno Duplan, Locus Technologies
Robert Goldstein, Overhoff Group
Comparison of Calculated and Measured REMP Data at SONGS Eric L. Darois, Harvey Farr, RSCS, Inc.
Noel Hansen, SONGS


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