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6th NUMUG Meeting, Syracuse, NY, May 12-14

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NUMUG Survey - Report (PDF)
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Topic Abstract Paper
(or Notes)
A New Meteorological Data Acquisition System at the Savannah River Site, Matt Parker   PDF  
Guidelines on Ambient Chemical-Speciated particulate monitoring, Tom Merrifield PDF   PDF
New Advances in Sensors, Equipment Self-Diagnostics, Communications, and Data handling/Information Sharing, Pat Kelly     PDF
Configuration Management for Meteorological Monitoring, Doyle Pittman   PDF  
The DMCC Assist Visit Program, Darryl Randerson PDF    
Quality Assurance Methods for Ground-Based Meteorological Remote Sensors, Robert Baxter PDF   PDF
A Method for Calculating Meteorological Channel Accuracies, Brad Harvey   PDF  
Rain Effects on Temperature Instrumentation, Mark Abrams PDF    
Display of Regional Spectral Model Results on an Internet Web Site, Doyle Pittman and Ken Wastrack   PDF PowerPoint


Disseminating Your Meteorological Data to the Local national Weather Service Office, Tom Bellinger PDF   PDF
A GIS-Based Weather Enabled Decision Support System, Tsengdar Lee   PDF  
Sonic Anemometers Now Meet NRC Requirements, David Katz   PDF  
Application of ARCON96 to Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Control Room Habitability Demonstration, Carl Mazzola   PDF  
The Inland Penetration of the Lake Breeze along the Western Short of Lake Michigan, Bob Wonderling     PDF
Ethics and Common Sense in Measurement, Tom Lockhart   PDF  
ANS-3.11 Status, Stan Marsh     PDF
NUMUG Survey (Second Edition) Report, Ken Wastrack   PDF PowerPoint
Examining Tower Guy Wire Anchor Rods, Matt Parker     PDF

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