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12th NUMUG Meeting, Charlotte, NC, June 25-27

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Keynote - The American Nuclear Renaissance, Peter Hastings, Duke Energy (Powerpoint)


Topic Abstract Paper Presentation
Meteorological Considerations for Nuclear Power Plant Siting and Licensing, Paul Snead pdf pdf PowerPoint
Atmospheric Sources of Tritium and Potential Implications to Surface and Groundwater Monitoring Efforts, Ken Sejkora pdf   PowerPoint
Calculation of X/Q for Releases from Area Sources, Jim Key pdf   PowerPoint
Impact of Weather Changes On TVA Nuclear Plant Chi/Q, Ken Wastrack pdf pdf PowerPoint
NRC Update 2008 – The “Nuclear Renaissance”, Tom Galletta (presented by Brad Harvey and Joseph Hoch) pdf   PowerPoint
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Combined Operating License Application Review Process, Joseph Hoch pdf   PowerPoint
Revision 1 to Regulatory Guide 1.23, “Meteorological Monitoring Programs for Nuclear Power Plants”, Brad Harvey pdf   PowerPoint
Temperature Lapse Rate Estimation By Doppler SODAR, Jean-Michel Fage (presented by David Katz) pdf   PowerPoint
Utilization of 5-second Data in Data Quality Programs for Meteorological Towers, Tim Waldron (presented by Harold Osborn) pdf   PowerPoint
Meteorological Considerations in Preparing a Combined License Application for a New Nuclear Power Plant to be Located at a Green Field Site, Ping Wan pdf   PowerPoint
Meteorological Data Validation for New Nuclear Plant Units COLA, Mark Abrams pdf pdf PowerPoint
Lessons Learned from Guy Wire and Anchor Replacement at Sequoyah Nuclear Plant, Doyle Pittman pdf   PowerPoint
Determining a Backup Source of Meteorological Data for Dispersion Characteristics (Wind and Stability), Mark Carroll pdf pdf PowerPoint
Case Study:  Impact of Above Ground Spent Fuel Storage on Nearby Meteorological Systems, Jim Holian pdf   PowerPoint
New NRC Rules and Regulatory Guidance for Cyber Security and the Implications for Meteorological Programs, Cliff Glantz pdf   PowerPoint
DMCC Software Quality Assurance Guidance for Meteorological Software, Carl Mazzola (presented by Cliff Glantz) pdf   PowerPoint
A Web-Based Forum for the DOE Meteorological Community, John Ciolek pdf   PowerPoint

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