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4th NUMUG Meeting, San Francisco, CA, April 24-26

Cover (PDF)
Agenda (PDF)

Keynote Speech, Richard J. Barrett, NSNRC (PDF)

Meeting Summary (PDF)


Topic Abstract Paper
(or Notes)
Status Update on ANSI/ANS-2.5 Revisions, Stan Marsh     PDF
Modeling Wildfire at Diablo Canyon, Mark Dedon and Woody Whitlatch   PDF  
ASOS and National Weather Service Data, Bob Diaz   PDF
Meteorological and Oceanographic Monitoring as an Aid to Nuclear Power Production, Dave Sommerville and John Lindsey PDF    
[Article title different from Agenda]
Comparison of Data from Co-Located Packages and Implications for Dispersion Modeling:  An in situ Case Study of Rugged versus Low-Threshold Anemometers and Natural- versus Force Ventilation Solar Shields, Frank Gouviea and Ron Baskett
Palo Verde's Re-Engineered Meteorological System, Dean Peckham and Bob Pickwoad   PDF  
An Application of Real Time Meteorology to Maximize the Dynamic Thermal Circuit Ratings in the PECO Energy Transmission Line System, Tim Schott, Jim Holian, and Glenn Pritchard   PDF  
Data Acquisition Systems for Nuclear Power Plants, David Katz   PDF  
Fiber Optic Based Wind Vanes, Matthew J. Parker   PDF  
AccuWeather Customized Support to Nuclear Industries, John J. Maloney   PDF  
Overcoming Obstacles in Dispersion Modeling at Diablo Canyon Power Plant, Dick Thuillier   PDF  
Regional Wind and Temperature Diagnosis Using Operational Radar Data, Wes Wilson   PDF
Data Quality Management and Monitoring Networks, Jim Augustyn     PDF
Installation of New Measurement Technologies at the Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant, Patrick Kelly   PDF  
Critical Meteorological Factors for Determination of Routine Radiological Doses from Nuclear Power Plants, Doyle Pittman   PDF  
Utilization of Internet and Other Non-Traditional Data Source for Meteorological Support Within the Emergency Operations Facility (EOF), Nick Keener   PDF  
A Review of the NRC Emergency Response Code RASCAL Version 2.1, R. Brad Harvey   PDF  
Perimeter Monitoring, GPS and Other Advances in Emergency Planning, Mark Abrams   PDF  
Update on the Emergency Response Model:  PGEMS, K. Jerry Allwine   PDF  
ARAC testing of NORAPS, Ron Baskett     PDF
Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety's Mesoscale Meteorological Studies and Forecasting for the Zion Nuclear Power Plant, Tom Bellinger     PDF

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