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Information Exchange at the International Level

Greg Barley, Progress Energy

Ken Sejkora, Entergy Corporation

At the invitation of the Korea Electric Power Company, we participated in an information exchange with nuclear utility personnel and nuclear engineering students in Korea. We performed presentations on RETS, REMP, radiation monitors, and license renewal. Our visit took us to KEPCO headquarters in Taejon, Yongwang Nuclear Power Plant on the western coast of Korea, and Chosun University in Kwangju. Utility personnel and the nuclear engineering personnel at the university expressed significant interest in license renewal. Other issues of interest were radiation monitor calibration and use and monitoring for beta emitters, especially C-14.

The degree of professionalism of the KEPCO personnel was very evident. The Yongwang Nuclear Power Plant materiel condition and housekeeping were excellent. Their environmental monitoring program includes real time dose rate monitoring equipment with a computerized central monitoring facility. The interest expressed in monitoring of beta emitters in their liquid effluents demonstrates their interest in dose minimization, not simply regulatory compliance.

This experience revealed opportunities for further international information exchange. Technical specialist assists visits would result in valuable learning experiences for both Korean and American nuclear power industry personnel.


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