2014 RETS-REMP & Groundwater Workshop, June 23-27, 2014, Westin Savannah, Savannah, GA
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The RETS/REMP Workshop is a forum to exchange practical experiences and issues related to the Radioactive Effluent Technical Specifications (RETS) and Radiological Environmental Monitoring Programs (REMP) at commercial nuclear power plants. The open format of the meeting allows utility personnel to openly discuss effluent and environmental monitoring issues among themselves, as well as with regulatory personnel from state and federal regulatory agencies. The meeting has historically been attended by NRC personnel from regional offices and NRR/Headquarters.

The workshop focuses on monitoring radioactivity in effluent releases from nuclear power plants, and on assessing the environmental consequences of such releases. Structured around a mix of individual presentations and panel discussions, the workshop addresses topics ranging from in-plant monitoring techniques, environmental sampling and monitoring, and dose assessment to the public and environment. The workshop discussions are timely and applicable to plants currently operating, as well as those undergoing decommissioning.

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