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Lessons Learned - NRC Audits

John W. Doroski

Dominion Nuclear Connecticut / Millstone Station


Several significant lessons have been learned from the last 5 years of NRC Audits. These include:

Air Balance Weaknesses

Failure to verify BWR ventilation system performance relative to air balance (turbine building area ventilation and steam tunnel) (Unit 1 1996 NOV)
Failure to verify the design basis relative to air handling capacity supplying to the radwaste and radwaste storage buildings (same 1996 NOV as above)
Failure to periodic test PWR HEPA (main exhaust system, ventilation vent) performance per FSAR requirements (Unit 2 1996 NOV)
Leakage through equipment hatch during outages (also see Calvert Cliffs (Greg Barley) and Seabrook (Dave Robinson) presentations at the RETS/REMP Meeting)


Pressure correction issue (see NRC Information Notice 82-49)
Usefulness of radmonitor vs grab sample trends
Unusually wide voltage plateaus (logarithmic display can introduce high reading errors)
Parameter trending (e.g., response factors, voltage, background)
Line in-leakage problem (see Connecticut Yankee (Jay Tarzia) presentation at 1998 RETS/REMP)
Sample line losses (iodines and particulates)

Tritium Issues

Spent Fuel Evaporation (weekly/monthly sampling not nearly sensitive enough to see annual release of 20 curies per year)
Counting improvements (5 20 ml vial, small correction for sampling efficiency)

Reporting Improvements

Eliminate over-conservatism (rated fan flow when monitored reading is readily available)
Reporting less than MDA more appropriate than ND (not detectable)

Programmatic Area

Need overall Effluent Control Program coordinator (see Millstone (Claude Flory) presentation at 1999 RETS/REMP Meeting)
Importance of clearly defined NRC I&E Bulletin 80-10 program


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