2014 RETS-REMP & Groundwater Workshop, June 23-27, 2014, Westin Savannah, Savannah, GA
Sponsored by Nuclear Energy Institute


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Regulatory Insights Steve Garry Powerpoint
Revision 2 to Regulatory Guide 4.15 George Powers Powerpoint
MARLAP MARSSIM and RETS-REMP: How is All of this Related? Bob Litman Powerpoint
NEI NIST Measurement Assurance Program for the Nuclear Power Industry Dan Golas Powerpoint
Processing and Discharge of the Spent Fuel Pool Water Dave Montt Powerpoint
Refueling Water Tank Vent Releases John Doroski Powerpoint
Reporting Effluents (more or less) per Reg. Guide 1.21 at IPEC Steve Sandike Powerpoint
Braidwood Tritium Todd Tierney Powerpoint
Exelon Nuclear Fleet-wide Assessment Ziggy Karpa Powerpoint
Envr Prot TF RETS-REMP George Oliver Powerpoint
NEI Groundwater Initiative George Oliver Powerpoint
Application of ANI Guideline 07-01 Bill Wendlend Powerpoint
Guideline for Implementing a Groundwater Protection Program at Nuclear Power Plants Eric Darois Powerpoint
Managing Groundwater Do's and Don'ts Matthew Daly Powerpoint
Derivation of Dose-based Detection Limits for Drinking Water and Effluent Compliance Ken Sejkora Powerpoint
Yankee Rowe ISFSI Experience and Dose Rates Dave Montt Powerpoint
Soil Vapor Extraction Technology as an Early Warning Tritium Groundwater Detection System Eric Darois Powerpoint
Chemistry Decomissioning Opportunities Dave Montt Powerpoint
A Proposed Analytical Technique For Tritium in Soil Richard Conatser Powerpoint
Concentration of Tritium in Liquid Samples by Electrolysis Stan Morton Powerpoint
Measurement of Tritium at Low Concentrations in Liquid Samples Stan Morton PDF
Relevance of Regulatory Guidance for Implementing 10 CFR 20.1406 Stewart Bland Powerpoint
Tracking the Source of I-131 in the Cape Fear River Greg Barley Powerpoint
Cook Nuclear Plan Experience with Storm Water Tritium Discharges Jason Harris Powerpoint


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