2014 RETS-REMP & Groundwater Workshop, June 23-27, 2014, Westin Savannah, Savannah, GA
Sponsored by Nuclear Energy Institute


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Welcome Letter from Don Dale

Welcome Letter from James F. Stubbins

Welcome Terry Brown, 
Director, Radiation Protection, Chemistry & Environmental Sections & Acting Unit 1 Plant Manager, Cook Nuclear Plant
US NRC Highlights of RETS & REMP Steve Garry, 
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Proposed Changes to R.G. 1.21 & 4.1 Steve Garry, 
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NEI Issues and Current Events George Oliver, 
Nuclear Energy Institute
Jason Jang Award Announcement Ken Sejkora, 
RETS-REMP Steering Committee Chair
NASA Advanced Meteorology and Technology Capabilities to Achieve Remarkable Reliability on Mars Spirit and Opportunity Rovers:  Five Years Operation and Counting! Dennis Chamberland, 
NASA - Kennedy Space Center
Zip (328 MB)
Nuclear Liability Insurance Impact Due to Effluent Releases William Wendland, 
American Nuclear Insurers
EPRI Groundwater Monitoring Program Highlights Karen Kim, 
Addressing Uncertainty in Measurements through Implementing Requirements of USNRC Regulatory Guide 4.15 M. C. Nichols, CHP
Nichols Associates
NRC Panel Discussion Steve Garry, Richard Conatser, 
John Cassidy, Mark Mitchell, Joseph Furia,
US Nuclear Regulatory Commision 
Dose Consequence of Environmental Water LLD Values and Implications to Derivation of Revised Values Ken Sejkora,
Entergy Nuclear Northeast - Pilgrim Station
Hydrology Characterization of Cook Dunes Site John T. Massey - Norton,
GeoTech Engineering
American Electric Power 
South Texas Site Tritium Characterization & Challenges Bill Bullard, 
South Texas Project 
Presentation of Nuclear Professional of the Year Award from College of Engineering, UIUC to the Honorable Peter Lyons, US NRC Commissioner James Stubbins
Professor and Head of Department of NPRE
University of Illinois
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Perspective on the Global Nuclear Renaissance The Honorable Peter Lyons
US Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner
Invited Plenary Speaker
First Comprehensive On-site Characterization of Recapture of Tritium from Stack Releases at Two Unit Westinghouse PWR including Condensate and Precipitation Collection, Monitoring and Modeling David Miller,
American Electric Power - Cook Nuclear Plant 
Deficient Analysis Method of I-131 in Environmental Waste Samples:  The Importance of Rigorous Quality Control Greg Barley,
Progress Energy Environmental Laboratory
Overview of NRC Dose and Dose Assessments Using ICRP-72 Dose Factors Stewart Bland,
Chesapeake Environmental Services
Updated NCRP Population Exposure Information & Implications to RETS-REMP Issues Ken Sejkora 
Entergy Nuclear Northeast - Pilgrim Station
Parterning with all Onsite Departments to Implement the New Environmental Regulation Steve Sandike
Entergy Nuclear Northeast - Indian Point
Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants In the United Kingdom Environmental & Regulatory Challenges James Tarzia,
Radiation Safety & Control Services, Inc
Next Steps In Performance Management Dustin Brown,
Deputy Assistant Director for Management 
Office of Management & Budget
Executive Office of the President of the US
Refinement of Calculations for Estimation of Near Field X/Q for Releases from Area Sources - Part 2 Jim Key,
Key Solutions, Inc.
NPP Experience with Earthquakes in Japan Wataru Mizumachi, JNES, Tokyo  
The Importance of Performing & Archiving Pre-Operational Nuclear Site Characterization Studies including Receiving Bodies Current Studies, Site Hydrology, Municipal Drinking Water Sources, Land Census, and In-Situ Terrestrial Measurements Douglas Foster & David Miller 
American Electric Power - Cook Nuclear Plant
ISFSI Monitoring Lessons Learned Noel Hansen, 
PG&E - Diablo Canyon
Environmental Neutron TLD Monitoring for ISFSI Matthew Scannell,
NextEra Energy - Seabrook Station
James Giard & Jeffrey Raimondi,
AREVA NP, Inc. Environmental Lab
Managing the ISFSI Environmental & Radiation Protection Programs at Three Decommissioned Nuclear Power Sites Eric Darois
Radiation Safety & Control Services, Inc.
Results of the Soil Vapor Extraction Method as a Tritium Subsurface Leak Detection Method Eric Darois & Matthew Darois,
Radiation Safety & Control Services, Inc.
Ron Cardarelli,
CN Associates
Karen Kim,
How Does MARSSIM Apply to RETS REMP? Eric Darois,
Radiation Safety & Control Services, Inc.
Final Workshop Comments,
David Miller,
American Electric Power - Cook Nuclear Plant 
Workshop Wrap-up & 2010 Workshop Announcement Ken Sejkora, 
RETS-REMP Steering Committee Chair
Paper: Radiological Effluents Released By US Commerical Nuclear Power Plants from 1995-2005 Jason Harris and David W. Miller PDF


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